Testing where it matters

Agile Testing

It's a mindset

customer focussed

The Agile Tester steps into the customer’s shoes and advocates his needs. Agile testing feedbacks the development team with an alternative view on the product in order to enhance customer satisfaction.

conversion centered

The Agile Tester prioritizes his efforts based on visitor data. Agile Testing identifies the most conversion critical parts of the system, that is where most value can be added.

embraces A/B testing

A/B testing comes with continuous code changes. Agile Testing mitigates risk by testing just in time and creating an instant feedback loop with all involved parties.

loves speed

Wait, what? Agile methodologies changed the role of the tester. Embedded in development processes and his unique view on the product, he adds extra value to the customer experience.

The Agile Tester

loves his eco-system
The Agile Tester is a new breed of fusion professional who loves the customer as much as the product.

Agile is a mindset which lives from small iterations, quick adjustment to business and customer needs and close interaction within the team.
Well done, agile testing is baked-in into the software development process and does enable developers and product owners to stay focussed on their goals. The tester blends in as customer advocate with a strong background in system knowledge and business priorities. With his multi-angled view on the product he is able to step out of the role induced bias which happens to many engineers when they work focussed on some awesome new features.
The Agile Tester performs best in switching his view points of the product and goes from helicopter perspective straight down to technical details. Functional testing is his preferred playground although he acknowledges the need of well thought automation where it safes time and effort. He keeps his inner child alive who enjoys breaking stuff. He partners at all levels with the involved stakeholders.
The combination of high traffic combined with interrupted customer experience brings a bug on top of the prioritized list. He is there where the product needs attention, he foresees upcoming pains and provides feedback just in time.

  • Testing skills are crucial

    Functional, explorative, curious

  • Product knowledge

    who could possibly break it better?

  • Code and data savvy

    where needed and beneficial

  • People skills

    communication makes it happen

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Kai Koehler

Agile tester
I established frontend testing at Booking.com and acquired deep insights in agile methodologies, A/B testing and product development at the bleeding edge of e-commerce. After 10 years open for new adventures.

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