Agile Testing

Agile is a mindset which lives from small iterations, quick adjustment to business and customer needs and close interaction within the teams. Well done, agile website testing is baked-in into the software development process and does enable developers and product owners to stay focused on their goals. Agile testing is data driven and prioritises the most conversion critical parts of the system. That is where most of the effort is spent, that is where most value can be added.

Explorative and functional testing are preferred playgrounds although the need of well thought automation where it adds value is acknowledged. There are no fixed procedures or best practices, the human brain is the most valuable resource.

The Agile Tester blends in as customer advocate with a strong background in system knowledge and business priorities. With his multi-angled view on the product he is able to step out of the role induced bias. The Agile Tester performs best in constantly switching his view point on the product as in zooming in from helicopter perspective straight down to technical details.

He keeps his inner child alive which enjoys breaking stuff. He partners well at all levels with involved stakeholders. The combination of high traffic combined with interrupted customer experience brings a bug on top of the prioritized list. He is there where the product needs attention, he foresees upcoming pains and provides feedback just in time.