Not every bug needs to be fixed

When it comes to bug hunting you need to be pragmatic. Unless you are working in the pharmaceutical industry or you offer banking services you will never be able and willing to achieve 99.9% confidence in perfection. You will not be able because development resources are limited and you will not be willing because this comes at a[…]

A/B testing and the Agile Tester

In conjunction with A/B website testing, the importance of agility in the testing approach became even more important. Where speed matters and code base is changing every minute, there is no time for over planning nor bug hunting without clear focus. A/B testing aims for conversion optimization, the Agile Tester plays where conversion happens. High[…]

Agile Testing and velocity

In agile, no matter which methodology you are following, the focus is on shipping speed, small teams and risk mitigation. The team integration of Agile Testers opened a wide new field of opportunities to remove the traditional ‘show stopper’ stigma from testing professionals. Team responsibility and accountability for frequent product delivery at high quality standards needs[…]

The role of the Agile Tester

The Agile Tester is not bound to purely verify functionality as expected. He is able to get into the customer’s shoes. He still enjoys the infantile pleasure of breaking stuff and he knows where to find his fun. In his investigation focus as well as in bug prioritization he knows how to use data to identify[…]