The role of the Agile Tester

The Agile Tester is not bound to purely verify functionality as expected. He is able to get into the customer’s shoes. He still enjoys the infantile pleasure of breaking stuff and he knows where to find his fun. In his investigation focus as well as in bug prioritization he knows how to use data to identify bugs which matter.

He knows well how to distinguish bugs which affect the customer journey from those which simply display some ugliness. The Agile Tester knows how to identify critical bugs with high customer traffic and high potential negative conversion effects. The combination of high traffic combined with suboptimal customer experience brings a bug on top of the prioritized list. There is the highest value to gain, there is where the Agile Tester excels in getting it fixed on the spot.

To achieve this the Agile Tester needs to be technically firm, be able to juggle with data and be on top of current business priorities. He adds value through smart detection combined with fearless direct interaction with all involved internal parties and stakeholders. This all for the sake of aiming for the smoothest possible customer journey which finally leads into conversion and satisfaction.

This said, the Agile Tester is a new breed of fusion business, data, engineer professional who loves the customer as much as the product.

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  • Here, we look at what is the role of a tester in an agile team and what skills and mindset are required to become a successful agile tester. Agile Testers need to break away from the principles and working methodologies of traditional software development.

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